Reentry Happiness

I received a great deal of feedback last week regarding Reentry Stress and how challenging it will be for many people, as we start to venture back to work, restaurants and entertainment venues.  Many of the comments were from folks concerned about their reentry and whether or not they would feel comfortable even with a vaccine. I understood their concerns, as I had some doubts after my vaccinations but this past weekend, we decided it was the right time to...

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Yikes: Another Transition

I’m convinced that we are firmly committed to make things as hard on ourselves as we possibly can. It’s all part of the negativity bias and how we have to look on the downside of everything. As we come out of the Pandemic we are faced, yet again, with another major crisis. How do we make the transition back to being out in the world? Despite the challenges we faced a year ago, for the most part, we did pretty...

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Rest in Peace, Resilient Wednesday

After 344 Resilient Wednesday’s, I think it is time to call it quits on resilience. I’ve reached this conclusion based on a number of factors: Despite the fact that I get new ideas from my readers and clients about resilience, and how we are dealing with difficulties, I think we have covered all there is to say about resilience.After hearing these good ideas for 6 ½ years, I think everyone who reads this newsletter is handling their stress, challenges, and...

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“You Gotta Understand”

I hate it when people tell me, “You have to understand that…” My immediate visceral response is “no, I do not have to understand….(that you think your position is the right one and that all the others, including mine are wrong…)”

It’s one of my language “pet peeves.”

I was listening to President Biden’s first press conference yesterday, in the car, when he corrected himself in regards to this particular language faux pas. A reporter had asked him a question about the immigration issues at the southern border and his immediate response was, “you have to understand…” and then he stopped himself and said, “no, I recognize that you already understand the issue, what I mean is that the area we have to focus on is…”

I nearly had to slam on my brakes in appreciation of his self-censorship in recognizing that he is dealing with smart people who have a deep understanding of the issue. In most situations, those people who tell us that “we have to understand…” don’t understand that we already have well formed ideas and thoughts about issues and that their little lecturette is probably not going to sway our thoughts, even if they insist that “we have to understand.”

There, I feel better and thank you, Joe Biden!

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Soaring as a Strength

I’ve been on holiday down in Florida this past week relaxing from my life while watching birds live theirs. I’ve been particularly taken by the feeding behavior of pelicans. Pelicans are odd by design but graceful in achieving their primary goals, which are flying and feeding. With a wingspan of 6 feet, their awkward movements on land become poetry in the air. Gliding just a few feet above the water, they watch and wait until they find their prey and...

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It’s All About the Language

I’ve been on holiday this past week and one of my vacation activities has been some golf. Today’s resort golf courses include a GPS and digital device that helps the golfer know their distance to the hole as they prepare for their next shot. Among the additional pieces of information on these digital maps is a description of the golf hole. As I played my round, I noticed that the write-ups of the golf holes all seemed to be designed...

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