One Amazing Trip

We performed on the fringe of the Fringe appearing last Sunday at St. John’s Church in the heart of Edinburgh as part of the Just Festival that focuses on issues of social justice. Our performance called The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human showed to a nearly full house and was wildly received by all in attendance. We’ve taken trips with Interplayers before to Malawi, Africa and Sydney, Australia but this trip may have been the best. We made new Scottish friends and stayed at the home of Martine Robertson who was the consummate host and, most importantly, made sure that our last dinner was at her favorite pub and included her favorite single malt scotch. Coming home, I was very aware of needing to make my adjustment back to my regular life as graceful as possible as I’d be hitting the ground running.Recovery was my focus when I came back and included a couple of special tools for myself. While I had a full schedule, I didn’t overbook myself and had some time during the day to take some breaks. After work, I crawled into my bed for a few minutes to just catch up with some rest since my body thought it was 11 PM.  I’ve eaten well but have stayed away from rich food since I was working to eat like a Scot while over there. Its Friday now and I think I’ve beaten the jet lag blues. I’ll spend some time this weekend going through photos and dreaming back to an amazing holiday and the wonderful people we met.]]>

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