The End of the Line for Resilience

Unfortunately, resilience does not always work for some and the unfortunate result can be the devastating impact of suicide. I was meeting recently with the senior leaders of a health care organization and the topic of conversation came around to the stress that medical professionals, particularly physicians and nurses are experiencing. These two health caregivers possess the highest rates of any profession. As disheartening as this is, two additional articles I saw recently give me some hope that we may finally be coming to terms with the impact of depression and mental illness. One had to do with preventing depression and promoting mental health in the construction industry. It seems their stress level from strict timelines, often working far from Read More

The Seasonal Change

Over the weekend, Sheila and I went through one of our classic fall rituals. The turning of the closet. This is where I help her move her summer clothes up to the upper racks of her closet while moving the winter clothes down to street level. As for me, I take my sweaters out of the cedar lined chest and move my shorts and t-shirts into their new home where they will hibernate for 6 months. It is a ritual we’ve been doing for 40 years. The seasonal change is all around us. The leaves are beginning to turn and the cool air and mist coming off the Allegheny River every morning reminds me that we are entering the days Read More

The 21st Century Career Path

I’ve been talking to my grandson Ethan these past several weeks about his career path. He’s been working in the non-profit sector and is looking to make a change. He is looking at a for-profit role and is also considering education and teaching. He’s a communication major out of college and a stint with a professional sports team would be cool as well as exploring the hospitality industry. What is so great about Ethan and his opportunities is that he is considering a variety of choices, all of which would provide him diverse experiences that would fuel his next step in what will definitely be an interesting and successful career. What makes our careers successful is not the longevity in Read More

Where Will Your Work Be A Year from Today?

I had an advisory call with a senior leader who mentioned about one of his direct reports who was having difficulty in establishing the priorities of a key project. While this employee seemed to understand the overall goal, he kept focusing on multiple tasks at the same time and even worse, was often influenced by that last idea he heard about (the so-called recency effect). This leader hit upon a key concept of leadership development that we discuss in Strategy Driven Leadership which is that it is critical to focus on the “vital few” tasks that need to get done for success. Too often people want to work on 6 or 8 (or more) issues which usually lead to getting Read More

What did you learn at school (and in life) today?

In addition to my neighborhood kids waiting for the school bus when I’m out walking Cody, I can also tell that it is back to school time because of the myriad Facebook posts I’ve seen in the past few weeks showing preschoolers to college freshman proudly announcing their return to the halls of learning. Most look pretty excited or maybe a little nervous, like my great-nephew Jackson who went off to his first day just a few weeks ago. I know his parents are awfully proud of him. No doubt, over the next few months, there will be an occasion or two when his mom or dad will ask him “what did you learn in school today?” and Jackson will Read More

Forget About Managing Stress – Try Being Resilient

Another thing to know about the resilience versus the management model as I said is about how you anticipate and prepare for stressful events even this issue of navigation where you find yourself in the heat of a battle. I want to talk about these three mechanisms a little bit more in preparation, hardiness, navigation, and this recovery and bounce back. So these are the three mechanisms and these three mechanisms are really important. The first story I want to share with you is an example of this. So I am going to tell you a little story about Arthur Ashe. Arthur Ashe was the first African-American tennis player to win single tournaments at Wimbelton, the US Open, and the Read More

Shifting From Stress Management To Stress Resilience

Richard discusses shifting from a stress management model for handling pressures to a stress resilience model.

Three Keys To Being An Optimist – Part 2

Richard explains the importance of how we think about things.