Are You Living Your Name?

When we picked out our new puppy a couple of years ago, we started searching for a name. As we researched, we came across Cody, which means “helper.” We both though that we could always use an assistant in our lives so our little white bundle became Cody. He’s been a pretty good at it and brings smiles to our faces.

It got me thinking about my name, what it means and whether I am living the value that my parents ascribed to me.

The name Richard refers to a leader who is courageous in his actions. I mentioned to a friend that while I’d like to think of myself as courageous, I’m not really sure that I can ascribe that quality to myself. She responded that courage is not something that one judges in themselves but is derived from what others see in you and she deemed me as courageous.

I’ll take that compliment.

About 30-50% of our resilience is built into us and while some of it is genetic, a large part is based on our experiences and what we believe about ourselves. Our names represent the vision that our parents had for us when all was good and amazing but I suspect that in the excitement of the moment, the meaning of our names was not one of the criterion considered. So it is up to us to live our name and to contribute our gifts to the world. #liveyourname

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