Are You Linking?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invite from someone on Linkedin who I did not know. It wasn’t that I didn’t know him, but I had no idea of who he was. So I checked out his profile (the little of it I was able to see) and determined that I was a random hit for him and decided to opt out (what if he was actually a serial killer?)

Now I have to admit that I like and use Linkedin. It helps me build my email list, provides me access to certain groups where I can exchange information with others and keeps me up to date with colleagues who are busy building their professional network. I often recommend it to clients and client companies as a way to build their brand, stay connected and help to find professional opportunities on both sides of the coin (looking for employment and looking for good employees).

And the stock market seems to like LNKD as well. The stock offering started on my birthday (5/19) of this year at around $70 and is now trading at $83. They have 121 million registered users and have 47 million unique global visits each month. More importantly, perhaps, is how companies are using Linkedin to help recruit their next employees. Instead of turning to or other hiring sites,  they are able to make a direct connection to potential hires through social media.

Even though I rejected a Linkedin request, I’ll continue to post, read and recommend it because I think it is a great place for talented people and companies to connect. By the way, Google is testing their social media platform called Google +( plus). If you want to preview their cool Prezi presentation (Prezi is an alternative to powerpoint) go here

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