“Richard is a thought leader who understands the importance of how healthy workplaces and capable leaders improve workplace performance for individuals and organizations. His consultations deliver practical solutions that will drive success in your organization.”

Chief Medical Officer, National Healthcare Company

“It has been already 7 months since I returned to Europe after my Ex Pat time in the United States. I can’t thank you enough for the coaching you provided me during my time overseas.

From the professional side, I have enjoyed every minute of my new role so far even if it gave me already many opportunities to apply some of the elements of the leadership development plan we created. I still have the small picture on my wall related to Mindfulness (Intention – Attention – Attitude).

I need to tell you that the on-boarding plan that we worked on together during our last 2-3 discussions has been a powerful tool. It helped me to get up to speed in my new role, with my sales and marketing colleagues, with my new bosses, and also with the markets much faster than expected. Thank you for all your support and great ideas.”

Marketing Director, Global Technology Company

“Richard, my copy of Strategy Driven Leadership came in last week! It’s great and I’ve just ordered 10 copies for our C Suite leadership team and want to take advantage of your bonus offer to come in and discuss it with them and how we can apply it here.”

Chief Human Resource Manager, Global Manufacturing Company

“Thank you for an amazing presentation and great advice – I’m really looking forward to reading your book and putting it into play in our small business…My husband and I both agreed that this is great information we can immediately!”

Owner, Environmental Consulting Firm

“I’ve been traveling around the world with our IT Director and thus meeting with all our global partners to ensure a smooth rollout of our new software system.

Many times on this trip I have used my learnings from our coaching sessions and they’ve worked like a charm. In fact, I would strategize when arriving at new locations — where employees understandably have many questions and almost always, I come up with a plan to keep our people moving forward and seeing the benefit of all the hard work everyone has put into this global initiative —

Thanks again for your coaching and strategic consultation! It’s already paid off and can’t wait to continue putting it to good use!”

Chief Financial Officer, Global Chemical Company

“I can’t express enough my appreciation for all your guidance and help over the past nine months. Your coaching has made a definite impact on me both professionally and personally. For that, I will always be grateful for and indebted to you!”

Regional President, Hospitality Company

“I wanted to encourage you to keep writing your weekly Resilient Wednesdays. I really enjoy them and they are filled with useful ideas every week! Thanks for staying faithful to writing each week, I am sure it can get challenging with everything you have going on. Good work!”

Training Director, Health Care Organization

“You may hear this all the time — and I hope you never tire of it — you have a gift and I am grateful for your insight and guidance. When I look at the moments in life where I had the opportunity for an intervention that would prove to be important — I suspect this will be one of them.”

Director, Communications Division, International Finance Organization