Written Testimonials

“I’ve been traveling around the world with our IT Director and thus meeting with all our global partners to ensure a smooth rollout of our new software system.

Many times on this trip I have used my learnings from our coaching sessions and they’ve worked like a charm. In fact, I would strategize when arriving at new locations — where employees understandably have many questions and almost always I come up with a plan to keep our people moving forward and seeing the benefit of all the hard work everyone has put into this global initiative —

On this trip I’ve listened and given people the opportunity to think about and problem solve many of their own issues, in part related to my calm demeanor. It made it easier on everyone, including me

Thanks again for your coaching and strategic consultation! It’s already paid off and can’t wait to continue putting it to good use!”

Robert Fortwangler
VP of Finance
Calgon Carbon

“We have been working with Richard Citrin and Michael Couch for the last year and a half and the results have been excellent . . . They are excellent facilitators and are skilled at guiding participants through some difficult conversations . . . We are pleased with their services and the results have been realized. I highly recommend their services.”

Daniel J. Obara, Ph. D.
Westmoreland County Community College

“As a result of my coaching with Richard I have a renewed sense of confidence in the way I interact and communicate with my team and other senior executives. I approach my team in a more strategic manner and focus on their strengths to complete overall daily objectives. Executive Coaching has increased my effectiveness as a leader. I manage my team better, use my strengths to increase revenue opportunities and have the ability to better coach my team on how to capitalize on their strengths as well.”

Sherri A. Stitt, LP XXVIII
Executive Director / Metro Vice President
American Heart Association
Great Rivers Affiliate

“As a PGA golf professional, I have had the opportunity to play and make a living playing a game I have loved since it was first introduced to me many years ago. Under Dr. Citrin’s guidance, I was able to once again play quality tournament golf striking the ball the best I have in many years hitting roughly 90% fairways as well as 75% greens in regulation.”

David J. Lapmarado
PGA Golf Pro

“Dr. Citrin’s insightful coaching assisted with aligning our goals and marketing — and led to new clients within the week!”

Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
Executive Director
TeleMental Health Institute, Inc.

“Richard is a goal oriented, strategic thinker, with a proven track record. His management style promotes a team environment and success.”

Jodie Creamer
Vice President Products
and Business Systems Integration

“In my work with Richard, he was a true partner in our project. He was responsive, demonstrated high integrity and most importantly was results-oriented. We accomplished a lot together and I highly recommend him!”

Julie Meek, PhD, RN, CNS
Clinical Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Nursing

“Richard led us through a remarkable strategic and business planning process that helped us expand our organizational capacity and to leverage our strengths to create a viable business model for our non-profit organization. Richard worked with us in an engaging and effective manner that maximized our ability to meet our organizational goals for the consultation. We recommend Citrin Consulting highly.”

Pat Cluss, Ph.D.
Executive Director
University of Pittsburgh

“I had rather high expectations as I have been through an executive coaching program before and know the benefits. Richard did not disappoint.”

Jim Coccagno
Head of Corporate Planning and Strategic Initiatives

“It’s always a pleasure to work with you! Your ability to engage, inform, and motivate is second to none. Comments from participants of your workshop, Coaching Employees for Success, were extremely favorable for both content and delivery.”

Linda Duchak
Associate Director
University of Pittsburgh
Center for Public Health Practice

“Richard’s insight helped me to understand that I ‘suffer’ a common problem. And that there are means to solve it, although they are no simple and clear cut – it is for me another aspect of influence management.”

David Brady
Corporate Operations Director

“I am delighted to recommend Richard Citrin. Richard possesses strong leadership skills, great business and technology acumen and heart-felt compassion for all he meets.

Bernadette Eyler Smith
Senior Portfolio Manager
Fifth Third Bank

“I believe the reason why this was such a positive aspect is because Richard Citrin is a consummate professional, and brought the right mix of coaching technique, insight, compassion, clear thought, and pragmatic direction to assist me in moving through tough leadership decisions.”

Terry Miller
Director, Institute of Politics
University of Pittsburgh

“Richard is a thought leader who understands the importance of how healthy workplaces improve workplace performance for individuals and organizations. His consultations deliver practical solutions that improve the value of organizations.”

Michael Parkinson, M.D.
Col. USAF (ret)
Former President
American College of Preventive Medicine

“My time with Richard was well spent because the tool verified for me what always seemed to work in my favor and if I don’t deviate from those strengths, then people see me as a leader.”

Charlene Newkirk
Community College of Allegheny College

“Richard’s coaching led me to develop a personal mission/vision statement with goals and objectives. This was a strategy I previously did not think applied to me in a professional way. Additionally his work helped me make a mental shift from working to improve weaknesses toward focusing on growing strengths. Now I recognize the importance of recognizing skills and talents that I and other people possess.”

Michael P. McDonnell, AIA
IKM Incorporated (Architecture)