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Several years ago I was at the library looking for a book to check out when I noticed one written by Texas journalist Tim Madigan. I knew Tim from my time in Fort Worth, so I was intrigued. After picking it off the shelf, I saw that it was the story of his 8-year relationship with Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s fame, a beloved Pittsburgh icon and touchstone for tens of thousands of children. What a great way to bridge my Fort Worth and Pittsburgh connections, I thought.

The book, I’m Proud of You tells the story of what began as a media interview when Tim came to Pittsburgh to interview “Mr. Rogers.” Over time with shared letters and personal visits a deep and caring relationship developed between the two men. For Tim, who experienced a number of tragic events during these years, Fred provided a transcendent perspective that helped Tim survive depression, the loss of his brother and the healing from a broken relationship with his father. “I’m proud of you,” was Fred’s abiding message in their communications.

As adults, we don’t get much praise in our lives. We strive to do our best and are expected to know that our efforts and successes are supposed to be reward enough. Usually, however they are not enough as we rarely get the recognition we are looking forward to receiving from others. Looking for opportunities to acknowledge other’s work builds their self-esteem and ours. Share an “I’m proud of you” today and bring a smile to the world.

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    4 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Help

    1. Thanks for this wonderful informal practice! My kids are still growing and this a great way to engage with family. Just told my wife how proud of her I was… Her quizzical looks evolved in laugher.

    2. Thanks for this wonderful practice! My kids are still growing and this a great way to engage with family. Just told my wife how proud of her I was… She laughed.

    3. I would like to comment. Being the brother of the author of this blog, I would like every one to know that Richard Citrin is the best husband, father and brother. I am proud of his wisdom, accomplishments and guidance that he provides to so many. He is the best!!!!!!

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