A Men's Yoga Class…Yikes!

To me yoga fits perfectly into my two of my five kinds of fitness that are relaxation and flexibility. I leave endurance, cardio and strength to other days and other workouts. Over where I work out a new yoga instructor, Susan, has introduced Qigong Yoga that integrates slow rhythmic breathing along with slow easy movement. Most of the poses we perform are familiar to me but her use of breath creates a calmer and more focused yoga practice for me. But what made the class today so interesting was that for the first time in my Yoga experience that the class was entirely made up of men. There we were, 7 guys several of whom Yoga was new but there they were being a mountain, focusing on balance, inverting against a wall and doing a modified bridge pose to strengthen their core Is this class a harbinger of things to come? Are men becoming more comfortable with their bodies to want to learn more about how to become more flexible or is it a sign that meditation and mindfulness is becoming a part of our daily routine. Regardless, it was fun to see so many guys in one class together. I’ll be back again next week and maybe we’ll let the gals in if any show up! ©Richard Citrin, 2012]]>

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