9/11 Evidence—We’re More Resilient Than They Thought We Were

A report due out next month by the American Psychological Association will show that people are far more resilient that first thought.

The research is based on finding of New Yorkers who experienced the events associated with 9/11. Psychologists who are experts on crisis events estimated that up to 35% of the people who directly experienced the events that Tuesday morning would suffer from post-traumatic stress. Studies done later on indicated that rates were closer to 10% with rates for kids being a bit higher.

The other interesting finding was that the traditional approach to dealing with crisis events—to have people talk about and re-experience the events don’t work for many people and can be harmful to others by prolonging the experience.

The finding go onto suggest that people’s natural healing processes are, in many ways, sufficient to deal with these kinds of events. Family and friend support, faith and belief and feeling of a positive future (optimism) are just a few of the tools that we all use naturally to recover from stress and trauma.

Make sure your resilience tools are up to date and recognize that when a crummy or worse event occurs, you’ll be okay sooner than you think

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