Short Cuts to a Great Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, we’ll all be celebrating Thanksgiving, the most psychologically correct holiday on our calendar. While the turkey is in the oven and the gravy is simmering on the stove, here are some additional recipes for creating memorable family interactions and memories. Greet people with an appreciation for what they mean in your life. No need to express gratitude just at the dinner table. Make it a weekend festival! Repeat the rituals that your family does every holiday, whether it’s taking a hike in the woods, playing touch football in the yard or going through old photo albums. Honor the ancestors by making Grandma’s best pie recipe or mixing up Uncle Harry’s favorite adult beverage. Include them in your story telling Read More

Looking Back/Looking Forward

My copies of Strategy Driven Leadership arrived at my door this week. Dr. Jonas Salk, the pioneer researcher who developed the polio vaccine while working here at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine was once quoted as stating that “our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.” Forebearers of the Iroquois Nation understood the importance of how their actions today would impact their world going forward 7 generations from that moment. We’re usually so caught up in our own day-to-day life that it is difficult to sometimes look forward just a few days or weeks or certainly years. Looking back is equally challenging as I often ask people what they were worried about a year ago, which in our Read More

Strategy Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders

My copies of Strategy Driven Leadership arrived at my door this week. If you have a job and want to advance in your career, then this book is for you. My co-author, Michael Couch and I have always felt that this book is important for C-Suite leaders and human resource professionals who focus on developing talent in their organizations. After all, these people are responsible for developing the leaders for their organization who will drive business success today and into the future. Beyond those folks, however, this book holds some important secrets for anyone who aspires to achieve more in their work: If you aspire to leadership roles in your organization, you’ll understand how your company views leadership development and Read More

The End of the Line for Resilience

Unfortunately, resilience does not always work for some and the unfortunate result can be the devastating impact of suicide. I was meeting recently with the senior leaders of a health care organization and the topic of conversation came around to the stress that medical professionals, particularly physicians and nurses are experiencing. These two health caregivers possess the highest rates of any profession. As disheartening as this is, two additional articles I saw recently give me some hope that we may finally be coming to terms with the impact of depression and mental illness. One had to do with preventing depression and promoting mental health in the construction industry. It seems their stress level from strict timelines, often working far from Read More