The Resilient Person: Anticipatory Anxiety

I bought my first new computer in 6 years, a few weeks ago. As I interrogated the Apple sales guy about data migration, software updates, cloud configurations, privacy settings and the like, I could feel my anxiety increase as I began to gird myself for the inevitable bumps and bruises that accompany a computer upgrade. Even though I consider myself to be a sophisticated computer user, I headed home with a good deal of trepidation and concern about getting the machine up and running. I remembered my own experiences with upgrades and have watched my corporate clients struggle with what seemed like no-brainer computer conversions only to find out that that the little laptop can be no friend when building Read More

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the most psychologically powerful holiday we celebrate as we recognize and express gratitude for the blessings in our lives. We’ll be taking time tomorrow to share turkey and the fixings, some football, and love and care with the people most important in our lives. Thanksgiving begins a time of reflection that lasts through and into the New Year. Taking time to consider our good fortunes creates a powerful energy that will carry us into 2019. Enjoy your holiday and thank you for all the blessings you’ve bestowed on me. © Richard Citrin, All rights reserved, 2018

Do You Mind Mindfulness?

A story in our local on-line paper highlighted a new yoga studio that has integrated a formal mindfulness element to their program and details how the program is changing their student’s lives. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center will be bringing Dr. Barry Kurzin back to town next month. Dr. Kurzin is a Buddhist Monk and is the personal physician to the Dalai Lama. He will be meeting and talking with nurses about burnout. UPMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, Holly Lorenz, hopes that the practice of mindfulness will become an essential and vital skill for her nursing corps. I’ve been doing mindfulness and mediation practice for years and I know it helps. It provides me a few minutes to quiet myself Read More

2018 Election: Next Steps

In preparation for the election yesterday, I had dinner with a friend who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum. We had such a good time. I listened to her. She listened to me. We didn’t interrupt each other…. Too much. I was surprised by some of her points of view and I expect she was surprised by some of my points of view; especially when we acknowledged that we could understand each other’s perspectives. After dinner she told me that she wasn’t able to talk to any of her other friends about her political positions, as they would get mad and angry with her. She told me that she appreciated our being able to talk about these Read More