Hurry Up and Wait

I was meeting with a team last week that had been charged by their company president to develop the organization’s leadership development program. The team had spent the last 9 months developing a leadership model, creating training modules, and building a coaching approach that would be state of the art for their firm. They were ready to roll out the program when the big stop sign shot up in front of them. Budget constraints, timing and the readiness of the firm to take on this new project were all impediments that were stated…along with “we’re still excited about it.” Hurry up and wait is a mainstay in today’s workplace. There is always of sense of urgency but the volume of Read More

What’s Next?

Two events happened last week that got me thinking about how success breeds success. For the past year or so a colleague and I have co-facilitated a CEO cohort group. The group meets to address common issues and concerns they face in their industries. They share best practices, problem solve issues, and support each other as they discuss their greatest challenges. They like and respect each other as well, of course. In our last session it seemed as if the trust had reached a point where the group was ready to take on something new. They began discussing how they could pool their collective energies to address an issue every company faces. Someone referred to it as a “Grand Challenge” Read More

Listen Up

I did some follow-up with participants from a workshop I conducted last week with one of my global clients. I found a consistent message from each of them as to their takeaway from the session. While they appreciated the content material I shared with them, the best part of the program was that I built in plenty of time for them to talk and listen to each other. My belief about these sessions is that the wisdom is in the group is that is what makes the program successful. The problem is that not everyone knows that and they think their wisdom is greater than everyone else’s. Fortunately, the leader of this group believes that and he demonstrated good listening, Read More

Find Your Groove

I met with a client at 7:30 AM last week and he told me he likes to get going early in the morning. While there are several reasons, his primary one is that he doesn’t have time to watch the news, which is always a downer. I liked his thinking until we started discussing his work in sales and he began explaining to me that he couldn’t hit his sales numbers because of (fill in the blank), “software not working properly,” “leads not returning calls,” “colleagues not feeding him prospects…” and the list went on. I refocused him on the strategy we laid out previously and discussed the small steps he could take this week to refocus his energy, but Read More

Getting Focused

How would you like to work 4 days but get paid for 5? I’d like it and so do the employees at Perpetual Guardian Trust Company in New Zealand. A research project at this financial firm undertook to determine how productive employees were over a 4-day workweek when they were paid for 5 days. The research showed and company founder Andrew Barnes agreed that his employees got done in 4 days what was previously accomplished in 5. In addition, employee engagement and satisfaction were reported to improve during the project period. Meetings were reduced to 30 minutes and colleagues created signals letting others know that they needed undisturbed time to get their work done. Their HR leader concluded that people Read More