The Crazy News Cycle

We are inundated with news 24/7. Regardless of which side of the aisle you sit on, national and local issues juice our brain into ruminating, worrying, and contemplating the future of civilization. Its been building for 30 years since Ted Turner started the all day news cycle with CNN and has now progressed to where we can watch TV shows, listen to news radio, and carry internet podcasts in our pocket. All this energy driven to our issues rile us up and have us cheering or jeering around our causes. It’s a great way to ensure citizen engagement, but not so good in that it creates a high allostatic load which is the wear and tear that happens in our Read More

Building New Skills

I facilitated a leadership development program last week where participants were asked to take a company based assessment of their leadership skills. The assessment identified a number of strengths but for most of the folks, the results also came back with about 8-10 “areas of opportunity” for improvement. Most folks had a worried look on their face as they reviewed the findings asking, “What the heck do I do now?” Research conducted by Mckinsey in 2014 indicated that the context in which leadership development occurs must be taken into consideration to determine which skills are the right skills. If your company is needing people strong in decision strengthen your decision making skills. At home, if you’re kids are becoming teenagers; Read More

Just One of Those Days

This past weekend was beautiful here in Pittsburgh and I spent Sunday morning over at the golf course. I was excited about playing that day and really thought I would have a good round. I was wrong. My golf game was horrible! I couldn’t drive the ball off the tee very well. My iron shots to the green went left or right. My chips and pitches were short or long of their targets, and my putts were just not finding the hole. Nothing was working and by the third hole I knew it would be a long day of golf agony. It was about that time when I decided that it was just going to be one of those days Read More


I’m reading Walter Isaacson’s wonderful biography of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was the embodiment of the American archetype. On one hand, he was a self-made man who ran away from his family in Boston and established himself as a success in Philadelphia. He always believed in the civic good and served his community with everything from microloans for small businesses to encouraging diversity of religious thought. Issacson shares the story that when a hall was being built to allow for visiting preachers to speak, Franklin urged his fellow citizens to donate so that “even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a missionary to preach Mohammedanism, they would find a pulpit for his service.” Imagine that! On this our 242nd Read More