Power Athlete

Last week I was the guest on Power Athlete Radio which is a global strength and conditioning organization. I connected with them through my Crossfit coach who thought they would want to hear about my resilience work and its application for elite and professional athletes. The 90-minute interview was headed by John Welbourn, a former NFL lineman turned performance entrepreneur and CEO of Power Athlete, along with two of his top coaches. While we had a great time talking about resilience for athletes young and old the most interesting part of the conversation was their take on praise. Seems that John’s approach is to minimize or eliminate praise in the belief that people should gain satisfaction by knowing and doing Read More

Stepping into the Breach

Ford Motor Company announced the acquisition of the 105 year old Michigan Central Railway station in the heart of downtown Detroit last month. The train depot and its 18 story office building were abandoned in 1988 and while undergoing some renovations it was far from being occupancy ready. Ford plans to turn the building into their headquarters for autonomous vehicle development but more importantly they want it to be seen as their commitment to restoration of that dilapidated part of Detroit. Establishing it as a centerpiece for what will be a new automobile technology hub, they are hoping to attract young professionals committed to 21st century emerging industries. The takeaway from Ford’s initiatives is that while difficult and even painful Read More

Resilience Overdone

When I opened my door to walk Cody the other morning, there was the annual surprise that I don’t ask for waiting on my porch…the 2018 edition of the Yellow Pages or as they refer to themselves, “The Original Search Engine.” This year’s soft covered, thin-paged edition is loaded with ads by attorney looking for medical malpractice cases, home repair companies looking to fix roofs, and restaurants with B ratings from the health department offering discount coupons. Oh and did I mention that the attorneys are looking for medical malpractice cases? Obviously there must some economic value to the Yellow Pages for Verizon who is selling all those ads and hopefully for those few folks who reference those pages and Read More

How Change Happens

It’s got to be something special when the Wall Street Journal and NBC News agree on something and that happened this weekend. Courtesy WSJ, 2018 On Saturday, the WSJ headlined a story about The Overprotected American Child. On Sunday, NBC News ran a story about making playgrounds for children more adventurous as a way of encouraging creativity and resilience. Resilience teaches us that facing up to our challenges is the surest way to strengthen our capacity for success. It’s not just about the creative part of the exercise but the opportunity to experience failure. Just the other day, I was talking to a client who manages quality care functions for a health care company. He mentioned that their focus is Read More