A New Year

I’ll be taking some time this week between visits with family, doing some cooking and playing around to reflect on 2017 and to consider what I hope to achieve in 2018. I don’t think of this activity as work as much as mindful reflection. I’ll wind up writing my ideas down as I’ll look to review them at this time next year. Some of the questions I’ll be asking myself: What brought me deep satisfaction and enjoyment this year? What challenges did I have that I overcame and from which I learned new things and perhaps grew stronger? What do I want 2018 to be for me personally, professionally and for my family? What one thing am I going to Read More

The Big Turn

The sun will reach its nadir tomorrow at 11:28 AM EDT and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it will begin its 6-month march back to its zenith at the next moment. It’s no wonder that we are built for resilience as nature showers her experiences of recovering from the depths of winter’s darkness towards the fullness of summer’s long days like the clock that she is in our lives. At our home on the Allegheny River, we always joke about the Two-Suns that we see on many of these winter days. The sun is low in the sky over the hills, across the way, and her reflection on the River both brightens and warms our house. It’s Read More

Go Ahead and Freak Out, It’s the Holidays

I’m starting to see the flood of articles showing up in my Google alerts about the “Seven Ways to Survive Holiday Stress,” or “Six Ways to Make This the Best Christmas Ever…Without Getting Stressed Out.” We were out shopping over the weekend and as we approached the overcrowded parking lot, I first thought, “oh boy, we’re not even going to get close.” I gave myself a second to consider my options and then just asked Sheila if she was up for a nice brisk walk to the store. She agreed and we parked far away. The walk was invigorating. In times of even small adversities (and this one was miniscule) our brains react in one of two ways. They can Read More

Make Meetings Exciting Again!

One of my clients told me that she had 6 meetings several days this past week which meant that she was only able to get her work done after hours. Additionally, she commented that most of the meetings were longer than they needed to be, were reporting in nature, and had several people checking their emails or drafting off memos. She even received a text from a colleague across the table with an eye rolling emoji! It’s been estimated by the Wall Street Journal and others that there are over 11 million meeting held in the US daily and that participants consider up to 50% of them to be a waste of time. The primary draining factors are that there Read More