Being Excellent

I ran into a couple of business colleagues a few weeks ago and while we were catching up we had a discussion of how excellence is related to resilience. They told me that they enjoy video games and jokingly tell each other that they can either be great at doing their job or that they can be great at video gaming but not both. They concluded that being great at their job puts food on the table and so that was that. While no one would disagree that going for excellence at work is going to lead to a better financial outcome as well as other positive outcomes, I’m not sure being excellent at video gaming and your job are Read More

The Art of Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Sheila Collins did a remarkable presentation on The Art of Grieving. Her work has led her to become a thought leader in how we approach this universal experience and how we can deal with it more effectively. Sheila believes that art is a deliberate process of arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses and the emotions. To live life in an Artful way means to be fully present, giving mindful attention to each aspect of an endeavor, enlisting common folk arts to deepen, heighten, invigorate and savor each precious moment. Tomorrow, we’ll all be celebrating Thanksgiving, the most psychologically correct holiday on our calendar. It’s all about gratitude and appreciations Read More

The Little Secret That No One Wants to Admit

Everyone feels overwhelmed and when I meet with teams and leaders I have to admit to them that their perception is correct. They are overwhelmed and if something is not done about it, the next step is burnout or worse. While much of the blame has to do with the volume of work that we all are managing, there is another little secret that its time to begin discussing. Much of the cause may be self-inflicted. We are conflicted between our desire to stay focused on our world and how we can influence it and the bigger world (the global stage) and how we want to be a part of it. A few weeks ago I posted a video from Read More

Enjoying the Ride

I did a workshop a few weeks ago on resilience and we discussed the 4 key ways that resilience can improve your workplace: Improving personal resilience and how you address stress. How the team manages workplace overload? How the organization addresses change in the workplace? How successes and failures are addressed? This team wanted to discuss workplace overload which they all agreed they were experiencing. What was interesting about this group was that they stated that while everyone in the room felt overwhelmed, they were also excited about the work they were doing. We talked about some early resilience research around the “3Cs” that suggests that employees who (1) have a sense of control in the work, (2) are challenged Read More


Later today, I’ll have the honor of introducing Bruce Kraus, the City of Pittsburgh Council President as the recipient of the 2017 STANDING FIRM Champion award. It was just a year ago that I received that honor for my work on behalf of STANDING FIRM, a non-profit organization that works with busineses to addresses the issue of partner violence and it’s impact in the workplace. Twenty-five percent of all the violence in the workplace stems from a domestic or partner violence situation. These events not only impact the victim of the violence being perpetrated but also co-workers who are concerned about the victim as well as the danger that is in place when a perpetrator may show up on-site and Read More