Who’s Training Whom?

Our little pup, Cody is just over two years old, is a barrel of fun. Training him however…not so much. One of my biggest issues with him is his barking at the TV. When he sees anything with more than two legs, he goes into his high stress reaction, jumping and barking at the perpetrator, whoever that might be. I’ve read articles about stopping this behavior, tried Cesar Milan strategies, and even discussed with my dog consultants (vet, groomer, trainer and sitter) but so far, no luck. It came to me this past weekend that, of course, I am the problem. When Cody gets agitated, so do I and I jump up from my comfortable position in front of the Read More

The Breathless Man

I had a second meeting with a new senior leader this past week and as we sat and talked about coaching objectives, one of which was his wanting to be more comfortable when public speaking, that I noticed something interesting about him. He wasn’t breathing very well. It wasn’t as if he had some respiratory disorder but rather his breaths were rather shallow and his speech was somewhat halting as if he didn’t seem able to get enough air in to complete his sentences. As we had just met, I didn’t want to be too intrusive but my job is to find ways to improve his conditions so I respectfully told him about my observation. He smiled and chuckled and Read More

The Power of Mindset

One of the questions I often hear about my resilience work is whether I really believe that “having a positive attitude is all it takes to overcome life’s difficulties?” Uh, no…I don’t… However having the right attitude is an important factor in how we recover and grow from adversity. Even more specifically, the power of our mindset is a key element in everything from happiness to longevity. A research study recently conducted at Stanford indicated that people who think they are less active than others in their own age group die younger than those who believe they are more active, even if their activity levels are essentially similar. The researchers retrospectively studied survey results from 60,000 US adults completed over Read More

The Stress Vaccine

Inoculating yourself against stress is less painful than getting a shot in the arm and works just as effectively. Vaccinations are intended to challenge the body by injecting a small amount of the disease your are trying to avoid into your body and having the body respond to it by building antibodies to those viruses. Stress inoculation works by putting yourself into small and meaningful stressful situations so that you become more comfortable and ready to deal with the stress when it is for real. Want to get over the nervousness of presenting to your senior leaders, go ahead and rehearse your presentation in the Board Room with your boss. Starting a new job and concerned about not knowing anything Read More

Lets Fika

On our trip to Sweden this past month, we came across the concept of Fika, which is considered something of a social institution in that Scandinavian country. Americans might think of it as a coffee break but it is much more to the Swedes. In a country that is considered to have a low stress level and high productivity level, some experts suggest that Fika may be part of that equation. The Fika (it is both a noun and verb) is not about multi-tasking while slurping down your cappuccino, but is instead a time to pause, reflect, and enjoy the moment with colleagues and friends. Usually paired with some tasty pastry, the Fika becomes something of a special but regular Read More