The Silver Bullet (Redux)

On my flight home from 3 days with my coach Alan Weiss in beautiful Newport RI, I wound up sitting next to a woman who was a professor of nursing and an expert in health care policy. She shared with me that her husband had taken a new position in Pittsburgh and they would be moving here soon. She was facing many of the challenges of relocation and I could hear the fatigue in her voice and the expression of frustration in her words. I thought, she might like to hear some of my ideas on resilience so I told her about my book and we started discussing how she could transform her perceptions about the move from the stress Read More

Don’t Hold Back

Early in my corporate career, I would, on occasion, keep my thoughts to myself even when I believed my ideas would help advance the discussion and that my contributions would make a difference. I was fearful that my ideas would be rejected or that my comments would be seen as irrelevant or even stupid. Fortunately, I had a great boss who valued my ideas and encouraged me to speak my mind at meetings. He told me that our firm needed everyone’s good ideas and I was wrong not to share mine with the group. He was right. This behavior, in some instances, is based on wanting to reduce stress by avoiding the stigma of failure. As it attempts to mitigate Read More

Appreciation Partner

I noticed my wife talking with her accountability partner, Christine the other morning. Sheila and Christine speak most mornings, checking in with each other about their accomplishments from yesterday and their objectives for today. For some reason, I stopped and listened a bit more than I usually do that morning. I noticed that not only were they checking in about what they had accomplished but were also sharing appreciations and compliments about what they had achieved. “That sounds so exciting.” ” What great news that is!” ” I knew you would get that done,” were all uttered within the space of their short check in call. Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina has shown that the ratio of Read More

Your Non-Priorities

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is happening this week in the Bay Area. Over 5000 participants will hear about Apple’s newest products and software and they, in turn, will share their latest and greatest ideas for apps, better ways to build iTunes and how Apple should improve the Apple Watch. In a similar vein, a Tweet came to my attention this past week about how the continued additions to mobile software is creating so much complexity for users without adding significantly greater value. No I didn’t know that I could download stickers to i-message that I could then send to my friends. Or that “Digital Touch” allows me to draw sketches or show my beating heart as another way to Read More