Challenges Build Resilience

In Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow, he points out that our brain strives for the easiest path for a solution; thus we set up daily routines and habits that allow us to get things done efficiently. We have a morning practice that gets us out of bed, moves us quickly to take care of our hygiene and nutritional needs. We don’t spend a great deal of time planning our breakfast like we do our dinner. While efficiency is good, it does not usually lead to person growth. To accomplish that, we must take on challenges that push us beyond our comfort level. Perhaps it is asking your boss to let you lead a meeting of her peers or Read More

That Little Old Lady

Although it was an hour drive to get there by leaving at 7:15 I was assured of having plenty of time to catch up with my co-facilitator and review our notes before we met with our leadership cohort group at 9 AM. As I was tooling down the PA Turnpike, my phoned beeped at 7:45 to remind me that the workshop actually started at 8 AM. In a bit of a panic I checked my agenda and sure enough the starting time was 8. I could immediately feel my cortisol levels increase as I hit the accelerator increasing the speed of my car as if going another 10 mph would really get me there that much sooner. I texted my Read More

The Resilients

While it may sound like a women’s rock band, marketing strategist and resilience researcher, Chad Hinkle has coined the term “Resilients” to describe people who have overcome significant life challenges and as a result have, perhaps, rewired their brain to see the world in a different way. I had the opportunity to talk to Chad this week about his study of hundreds of Resilients and noted how their success over adversity had granted them a unique sense of self awareness, emotional intelligence, agility and flexibility, and an understanding of how past events and potential future events have and can impact their lives. In his work with companies, Chad finds that the Resilients bring a unique perspective to marketing conversations. Overcoming Read More

Teach Resilience These Four Ways

Research tells us that about 1/3 of us are inherently and highly resilient. Those lucky folks have an inborn attitude that tells them that no adversity is too great to overcome. While the rest of us have some measure of that fortitude, we may have to do a bit more self-convincing that the world has not come to an end because we did (or did not) __________________(fill in the blank). That is why we have to rely on our friends and colleagues to help us build our resilience. In the workplace managers fill the role of helping team members build mental toughness. Bosses can do this in 4 ways: Be a listener and let your team member fully describe what Read More

Out of the Blue

I am honored to have a guest blogger this week. Author, speaker, performer and my wife, Sheila Collins had a unique resilience experience that she’s offered to share with this community. People, especially health care professionals often comment on my unusual good health, for someone my age. My answer, “I do what I can do but I know we are healthy until we are not.” This mindset has helped me to never take for granted my good health, to keep up my exercising and eating programs and to appreciate the benefits being healthy. But these past 16 days, my husband Richard and I have had the opportunity to actually live this truth. A headache that began with what I thought Read More