Using Your Superpowers

Our focus on resilience is not just about dealing with stress and challenges more effectively but ultimately creating more happiness and joy in our lives. Today, happiness is a highly researched area and there is no doubt a top 25 list of what we should do to be happy. But perhaps it might be useful to consider a simpler approach to happiness. While visiting family for Thanksgiving in Boston, we took time to check out the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. Like all the Presidential libraries, we gained a great perspective of the challenges JFK faced during his time in office and more importantly the values he sough to share to “create a more perfect union.” One of Kennedy’s Read More

Crazy Thinking

A few weeks a client told me about leaving a sensitive document related to compensation on a copy machine. He found the document back on his desk with a note from his manager telling him he had found it and wanted to see him first thing in the morning. My client called me and told me he was “freaking out” about leaving this document on the copy machine and that he had made a terrible mistake. He kept imagining that everyone in the company knew of his blunder, he’d probably be fired on the spot, and maybe even sued by the people whose names and salaries were listed. I worked to settle him down and talked through the best way Read More

Helping Others Help

In a highly shared op-ed in the New York Times last week, the Dalai Lama suggested that much of our anxiety and frustration as a culture and individually relates to our feeling that we are not making a great enough contribution to our fellow men and women. We all need to be needed and we are lacking that in our current cultural milieu. He cites research that shows that older people who don’t feel they are giving back to society are 3 times more likely to die that those who do feel like they are benefiting others. His suggestion on how to remedy this, however, is what makes his point so powerful. He and his co-author, Arthur Brooks, suggest that Read More

Embracing Your Election Stress

The American Psychological Association asked participants in their annual 2016 “Stress in America” survey about “election stress.” Over half of the respondents indicated that this election cycle caused significant stress This, of course, got the media into a frenzy with psychologists defining a new disorder now know as “Election Stress Disorder.” Along with the diagnosis, are tips on how to manage it like turning off your TV or not looking at your Twitter feed. What hogwash! While the APA frames this as stress, from a resilience perspective, your passion and excitement is really about your love of country and belief in what is right. It should more properly be called “Election Excitement Healthiness.” If it didn’t matter to you so Read More