Standing Firm

Today, along with 350 civic and business leaders in Pittsburgh I will be attending a luncheon for STANDING FIRM, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to alert employees to the financial, safety and human cost of partner violence and how it impacts the workplace. Standing Firm promotes the business case that employers play a crucial role in protecting their employees and the workplace from violence that impacts both productivity and security. I am being honored this day for my volunteer efforts with STANDING FIRM as their Champion for 2016 along with the Pittsburgh Pirates who have been named the Employer of the Year for their efforts to address this issue with their players and staff. The issue of partner Read More

The Resilient Entrepreneur

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. My mom and dad both built businesses from the ground up and my brothers both founded and built successful businesses during their careers. My first foray was as a teenaged peanut vendor at NY Jets football games. I wasn’t old enough to sell beer so I never made much money. One particularly bad day, my boss told me that if I didn’t do better at the next game I should forget about coming back. On my way home, I thought about what I could do sell more peanuts. I decided that my best strategy would be to hang around the guy who was selling lots of product to fans. I came back Read More

The Samsung Debacle

It’s difficult to know what is going on behind the doors at Samsung but you can bet their resilience and its kissing cousin agility are being severely tested. After discovering that their new Galaxy Note 7 (not so) mart phone’s battery caught fire numerous times, they were quick to pull it from the market place. They thought they found the guilty producer and believed they corrected the error that ignited the lithium-ion batteries. Now round two of battery fires have sparked up and they’ve completely stopped production of the phone. This is a not infrequent issue in manufacturing where the need for quick response often results in a second round of failure. It certainly is understandable, as Samsung’s customers won’t Read More

Should You Push Through?

One of my clients this past week told me that after a day of meeting with her manager mapping out an end of year plan, she kept working well into the evening hammering out the details of the plan to share with him the next morning. After his review, he told her to take a few days off from the project so she could get a fresh perspective. It seemed as if he thought that her project plan faltered as she persisted in trying to finish it in such a quick manner. She asked whether I thought she was better off staying with the project in a focused manner or should she have stepped back and given herself some time Read More