Learnings From Abroad

We are on holiday in Europe and during a lake cruise in Lucerne, on our way to the top of Mt. Rigi, we started chatting with a Brit who has become a Swiss citizen. Sitting with his little 7-year-old daughter in his lap, he told us that he thought Switzerland had the finest quality of life of anywhere he had been. When I asked him to explain further he told me that in Switzerland people just seem to take things on a more even keel and between Brexit and the US elections, everybody’s anxiety and worry seems to be through the roof. At that point, his young daughter asked who was the President of Switzerland and he told her he Read More

A Simple Way to Help

Several years ago I was at the library looking for a book to check out when I noticed one written by Texas journalist Tim Madigan. I knew Tim from my time in Fort Worth, so I was intrigued. After picking it off the shelf, I saw that it was the story of his 8-year relationship with Fred Rogers of Mr. Roger’s fame, a beloved Pittsburgh icon and touchstone for tens of thousands of children. What a great way to bridge my Fort Worth and Pittsburgh connections, I thought. The book, I’m Proud of You tells the story of what began as a media interview when Tim came to Pittsburgh to interview “Mr. Rogers.” Over time with shared letters and personal Read More

A Mistake Worth Making

My friend Pam returned home from the beach late at night and immediately went outside to water her garden. Starting the sprinkler she returned inside to unpack and take care of other details. Soon she headed off to bed exhausted after the long drive home. At 6 AM she awoke with an “oh no” realization remembering she left the water running all night. She came downstairs to discover that not only was her garden flooded but so was her basement. Basement flooding had been a problem for Pam and her husband over the years and no one repair person seemed able to remedy the problem. While she was “shop vacuuming” up the water she realized the source of the the Read More

Five Ways To Simplify

While life may throw her share of stress and challenges our way we also do a fine job of creating more adversity in our own lives than may be necessary. In meeting with some business-coaching clients this past week I heard things like “I’ve really have to attend all those meetings. I’m the only one who can understand all the facets of the business,” and “I don’t know how I am suppose to respond to 200 emails a day and get anything else done.” As we discussed these challenges the idea of simplifying their days began to emerge. Here are some ideas we came up with in our discussions that you may want to try out: Do a one-week time Read More