Launch Party

We had a great time at the Pittsburgh Opera on Monday night officially launching The Resilience Advantage. Friends, clients and colleagues all gathered in the former home of George Westinghouse’s Railroad Air Break Company building resilience over great food and wonderful conversation. The highlight of the evening was a performance by one of Pittsburgh leading improv groups, Sheila’s Wing and A Prayer Players. Their performances have been seen all around Pittsburgh, the US, and in Europe where they “Perform the Book.” In this improvisational form I read several portions of my book to which they responded through dance, story telling or song. All in attendance enjoyed their portrayal of daily challenges from hip replacements to workplace conundrums. Using their own Read More

Spend Money. Feel Good

I know what you are thinking. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Research conducted at the University of British Colombia and published in Health Psychology, however, indicates that we can create an improved state of physical and mental well being by spending money on others. The researchers divided their subjects into 2 groups, both of whom were diagnosed with hypertension. One group was told to spend $40 on themselves while the other group was instructed to spend money on others. At the end of the study with variables such as age and education taken into effect, the participants who spent money on others had lower blood pressures. The researchers hypothesized a number of explanations about why this Read More

Election Resilience

This race to the White House has been absolutely exhausting. The other day I was at an airport lounge at O’Hare and realized I could not stand to hear any more from one of the candidates. Remembering that chronic stress can cause health problems I recognized that it might be time to take a break from the discourse being portrayed and check out for a bit from watching politics. I love being an involved citizen but with 6 more months until the election, I think it is important to pace myself and now seems like a bit of a good to take a time out and build in some political recovery time. I moved over to another part of the Read More

The Oracle Spoke

Warren Buffet held his 52nd annual shareholder meeting in Omaha this past weekend and in his usual folksy style unwittingly spoke to what may be one of the leading causes of stress in the workplace—over complication. Buffet pointed out that only 25 people work at Berkshire’s corporate headquarters and that they don’t use committees to get things done and power point presentations are viewed as “make work” activities. Even in planning the annual meeting that gathered over 40,000 people, one employee was given the responsibility for organizing the entire program that probably included selling “Warren Bobble Heads.” In most companies, he said, there would be an entire department dedicated to event planning. The “transform stress” model we present in The Read More