The Dog Hierarchy

We’ve been doing some serious training with our 11-month-old Coton puppy, Cody. As we’ve been gathering tips, taking lessons, and buying treats, its come to our awareness that there is a hierarchy of actions that Cody and presumably other dogs take in response to the stimuli in their environment. Brought on by the excitement of the world, this hierarchy of actions drives their behavior so that they seem to have no other choices. The hierarchy includes (1) chasing—(2) eating—(3)smelling. I brought this idea up to Cody’s dog trainer and when I asked what we could do to keep him from chasing after the rabbits in the yard, his instructions were clear. “Good luck,” she told me. Biological forces are powerful Read More

The Universal Spirit

As Ecuador was digging out from its 7.8-magnitude earthquake its security minister reported at least 507 people dead. President Rafael Correa said early Monday that the death toll would “surely rise, and in a considerable way.” But he added a note of confidence in his people — “The Ecuadorean spirit knows how to move forward, and will know how to overcome these very difficult moments.” President Correa’s comments to his people provide a simple and powerful insight into how the biology of resilience is built into us individually and as a species. Even in the face of extraordinary trauma there is an inherent quality that we possess as individuals and as a community of people that allows us to come Read More

Watching Success

This past week, I had the pleasure of accompanying my wife Sheila as we travelled to Las Vegas where she shared the story of her work at a Ted Conference at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The emcee introduced Sheila as “appearing on a Las Vegas stage for the first time in over 50 years since she last appeared at the Desert Inn while performing as a dancer at the Tony Martin and Peggy Lee Show.” Sheila’s performance was different this time, of course, as she shared the story from her book Warrior Mother, about how she accompanied her best friend and two of our children through “death defying” acts when each faced life-threatening illnesses. Her story was moving, Read More

The Resilience Advantage is Available!

I’m excited to announce that The Resilience Advantage will be officially released next week and is available for ordering in print and e-version on Amazon as well as through my web site. The Resilience Advantage discusses why our current approach to dealing with stress, adversity and challenges is outdated and ineffective and why resilience provides us with a new way to see the events in our lives as opportunities for new understandings and growth for our families, our workplace and ourselves. You’ll find many great ideas that you can put into play immediately such as: How to hit the pause button so that you don’t lose it when a stressful event is happening to you in real time. How to Read More