Time on Your Side

I like to mention at my resilience workshops that when it comes to time, we don’t manage it but it manages us. After all, there are only 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds in a day. No more, no less. How you spend that time is how you define your priorities. The Rolling Stones in one of their earliest classic songs Time is On My Side, are not singing about time management but we’ll get our interpretation this weekend when we get a bit of time on our side as we transition back to Daylight Standard Time. While this adjustment is easier on our bodies than losing that hour in the spring (in the spring there are more heart attacks, car Read More

Overhauling Overload: Part Deux

We received some great feedback from readers last week about addressing personal workload management and in a meeting with one of my clients this week, he told me that while the personal strategies were working, he was more excited about his success in addressing this issue of work overload as a team. He reminded me that just a year ago his team members were working 6 days a week on several of their projects and just recently several of his direct reports told him that they had capacity to take on new projects. His strategies included: Shining a light on the workload issue. Everyone is afraid to bring up the topic except in a few dark corners of the office. Read More

Overhauling Overload

I was talking with a friend of mine recently who was telling me how overloaded she was at work. When I asked her how come, she told me that they just have a lot of projects going on and she just gets work piled on her. As we discussed the situation a bit more, she soon began to describe the two key aspects of work overload that befalls many us. The first is the fact that there is a lot more work to do and our organizations usually don’t have any methodology to address it while the second is that many of us lack personal systems to better manage our own priorities. We’ll take a look at organizational ideas next Read More

That Gene Kelly Moment

My friend Susan and her husband, Robert have taken to bicycling around the globe. She recently told me about their trip to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy and how their most challenging day became the most memorable. Riding their bikes to a train station to head over to their next destination, a light drizzle soon became a persistent rain. Riding with their fellow travelers, they began to fall behind in their schedule and by the time they reached the station, they had missed their train. Recognizing they had few choices, they all hopped back on their bikes and rode another 7 km to meet up with another train at a different station. As the rain continued, they pulled out shower Read More