The Happiness Equation

Jo Craven McGinty apologetically pointed out to her financially focused Wall Street Journal readers this week, “money isn’t everything”. She was discussed the global movement towards Gross Domestic Happiness that started in the 1970s in the Buddhist country of Bhutan. The World Happiness Report ranks 158 countries based on how people report on their quality of life such as life expectancy, generosity, social support and their emotional well being including how they deal with stress. Switzerland was the highest ranked country with Scandinavian countries filling up the bulk of the top ten rankings. The US came in 15th. When I think about times of happiness for myself, I consider occasions when I give back to others. Certainly my work as Read More

Robust Yet Fragile

Train derailment causes massive oil leak in community. Drought conditions in California foster massive wildfires. Thunderstorms and lightening strikes in Ohio causes east coast power failure. These and other disasters underscore the fragile conditions that we live in. Despite being able to transport oil usually safely across the country, accidents happen. The California drought, as bad as it is could be worse if California officials had not started planning for it 20 years ago. And Mother Nature’s fury in one place easily resonates across the country. We take it for granted that our lights go on when we flip the switch even though there are no guarantees of it and the system can easily go down. The phrase robust yet Read More

Our Moment of Zen

I’m showing some early signs of Daily Show withdrawal symptoms now that Jon Stewart has left the building. I see Jon Stewart as a philosophical observer of cultural events rather than just reflecting on the daily news of our political world and so I was not surprised by several of his closing ideas that he shared with us because I think they tie in perfectly with helping us maintain our resilience. Making peace with near perfection: Jon recognized that he will probably never have sweeter arrangement than he had at The Daily Show. A great team, great management support and an enthusiastic customer base are rare… Most of our work situations are far from perfect so if you have that Read More

Book Update

As most of you know, I am currently writing a manuscript for BEP Press on resilience in the workplace. I wanted to update you on its progress and how I am maintaining my own resilience through the process. I’m halfway through my 6-month contract period for writing The Resilience Advantage and more than 65% done in writing the book. I am looking to finish all the writing by September 15 giving me 6-weeks or so for reviews, graphics and whatever else needs to be completed before the manuscript goes off to the publisher. I’ve had to develop some new habits to keep the focus and energy in place. These actions have included: Mapping out my schedule and having friends ask Read More