30-Day Development Sprints

We’ve talked before about the idea that building resilience is like building a muscle. You have to exercise it and go beyond your comfort zone to attain the kind of strength you want to achieve. Undertaking a 30-day sprint to try out a new behavior can be a great way to build your resilience and overall improvement. Based on the software development technology known as scrum, you can use this same methodology and call yourself a techie for using it. Credit to my friend Larry Hokaj who introduced me to how “sprints” are changing how companies are trying out new ideas and getting them rapidly into play in their workplace. The 30-day model is great because you see your progress Read More

“Yes, And…”

For many years, I’ve been involved with an improvisational arts community called Interplay that uses the arts of movement, singing and storytelling to advance people’s professional and personal growth. Interplay is an amazing process for improving how we deal with real life challenges in real time and practicing improv forms helps develop key skills for resilience. One of my favorites is the “Yes, and” form where we move away from the “yes, but” negative thinking and instead create a can do approach to most any challenge. A fun way to practice this form with your own team is to begin a discussion about some challenging problem that is facing your group. It could be about how to work with a Read More

Delivering the Goods

I hope you had a chance to watch the US Women Soccer Player win the World Cup last week. I had a triple interest in that my granddaughter is starting her collegiate soccer career this fall, a buddy of mine’s granddaughter plays on the team (Lori Chalupny) and I’m a sucker for USA sports (USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!) What I found so interesting was how the confidence of the team seemed to strengthen after each game. There was tentativeness and maybe even open fear about whether the team had it to get out of the first round and into the knock out round, where they beat China (1-0). Their confidence built after playing the perennially tough German team and Read More

Do You Unplug?

You are headed out on vacation soon and as you pack up your office work, your “tween” daughter comes over to you and says, “mommy, you are not going to take all that work with you to the beach, are you?” An immediate feeling of sadness and pride pour over you. You feel bad that your daughter has called you out for not taking the full vacation free of work that you know you deserve while you are proud of her for being so smart to know that a vacation is suppose to be a vacation. “Afraid so,” you tell her as her comment reminds you about something else you have to take along. About 60% of all vacationers take Read More

Our Resilient Country

What an amazing country we live in. Just last week our nation’s ability to address the worst of us and the best of us came to the forefront. We were tested and passed with flying colors of red, white and blue. The horrific shootings in Charleston were punctuated not with violence and protests, but with prayers, forgiveness and the singing of Amazing Grace by our President. Then our Supreme Court affirmed the right of all people to marry the person they love and that all the rest of us have to do is to respect and support that love. Sometimes when I talk with people about the idea that resilience is hardwired into our biology, they don’t seem to grasp Read More