“Feelin’ Groovy”

Engaged individuals, whether at work or play use discretionary energy to achieve success. They try harder. Research done by the Gallup organization shows that only about 30% of all employees are engaged in their work and even more surprising only 35% of their managers are fully into their jobs. A metric to improve engagement is to increase “subjective well-being (SWB)” which is feeling good about ourselves and our life situation. Factors such as health, having a sense of purpose, social relations and financial security all contribute to SWB. Subject well-being builds immunity to difficult times. We are able to endure challenges with more energy and optimism if we feel we can conquer the world or at least sense that we Read More

Go Slow to Go Fast

I had a golf match this past week and going into the 18th hole we were all tied. I missed my putt for par that would have given me a win and instead of taking my time to line up my little 3 footer, I proceeded to putt away and missed, and with it my chance to continue the match and a chance for victory. Oops! It’s easy to get on the fast track runway. We reach for our smart phones first thing in the morning to check the temperature outside instead of opening the patio door. We look at our Outlook calendar to see what we are going to do today instead of thinking about and then writing down Read More

Celebrating Success

What great things have you already gotten done this week and how are you acknowledging your victories? Most of us fall back on our modesty and humility and don’t want to be seen as being braggadocios and tooting your own horn. Building confidence in our ability to get things done and persevere through the tough stuff is built on our successes and not failures and owning them builds our hardiness and faith. So this week, I am going to brag that I am thrilled to announce that I’ve received a contract to write a commercially published book on resilience in business. The book’s working title is The Resilience Advantage and the manuscript is due November 1, 2015. I’ll be working Read More

Change Resilience

I had the pleasure the other day to talk with a newly retired Air Force Colonel who had spent 25 years in the military and had flown missions all around the world. He was most excited, however, about his transition to civilian life and his new job with a large family owned company where he would be leading the charge to help the company transition from their “family owned mindset” to developing a more “corporate business mindset.” He told me he went to meet with his new staff the other day and used his upfront and plain speaking approach to management. “This is what I do and this is how I like to work as a team,” he told his Read More