Get Smart. Build Your Mental Muscle

As I got off the elevator I saw a room full of folks with their faces buried in their computer screens. When I got down to my client’s office he told me that a chunk of his team had been pulled off their day to day tasks to work on a special project creating several new web features for their marketing and sales team. “Its really mentally challenging work” he told me “They have to analyze this data, make a determination of fit and then fit it into our web site in such a way that will allow the data to be used for sales to new and existing customers.” He went onto tell me that he was really proud Read More

Resilience and Big Data

I had the opportunity this past week to speak with Dr. Marty Seligman from the University or Pennsylvania who is the founder of positive psychology and a groundbreaker in the area of resilience. He shared about a project he is working on that is using big data to assess the health and wellness of communities across the country. His research is important because most research around things like employee satisfaction and even happiness is based on survey type data such as employee engagement studies. Seligman and his colleagues instead collected data from Twitter posts and analyzed the words that were used in different counties across the country. They were able to collect enough tweets to cover over 1300 counties and Read More

Getting That Job

The war for talent is beginning to heat up again. I hear from employees who are beginning to look for jobs with more opportunities than they have in their current position and from employers who are telling me that it is getting harder to find good people. One of the qualities both sides report needing are people who are resilient to the challenges facing the workplace. This week I want to share a few ideas for job hunters about how to present yourself as being able to handle the pressures of high performance workplaces. Next week, we’ll look on the employer side. If you are thinking about making a move from your current job or returning to the workplace here Read More