Glad I Had A Mindful Co-Pilot

My plane was delayed coming out of Boston yesterday due to ice on the fuselage and if at least one person in the plane thought it was due to a mindful co-pilot who saw the big picture. Returning from a meeting in Boston yesterday I sat next to a pilot who was riding along to his next destination and we started having a conversation about piloting. I mentioned to him about my work in resilience and that I am seeing mindfulness finally making it out of the meditation studio and into the Board room. He told me that as a pilot he is all about mindfulness as he obviously has to pay attention to all the details associated with flying. Read More

Get Your Day Going

How you start your mornings may very well determine whether you fulfill the wishes of your favorite barista, “Have a good day”. Research shows that letting your focus get defused in the morning can create a lack of success throughout the day.  Here are some ideas to kick off your day in a great way: Don’t wait to create a to do list when you get to the office. Build one the night before and then you have it for the morning. It could include picking out the right clothes for your kindergartener or waking up a few minutes early to get in a 15 minute mini-run. Put your cell phone and iPad anywhere but by your bed and avoid Read More