Agility 2014

Last Friday I wrote in this blog how I thought Agility would be the 2014 word of the year. No more than two days later, I received my first, kind of, affirmation of my statement when the Sunday Times ran an article entited Management Be Nimble. In it, the authors cite Larry Page, co-founder of Google who talks about the need for his company to become more…you guessed it…agile. The authors cite several ways to create more nimbleness (agility) that then go on to foster innovation ( a great outcome for agility) State your mission and values clearly and make sure everyone knows. I recently did some consulting for a company that had developed a new set of core values Read More

Three Great Things

Several years ago Pittsburgh welcomed world leaders by hosting the G-20 Global Leader Conference.  I attended a “Welcoming Guests to Pittsburgh” meeting hosted by Bill Flanagan, Vice-President of the Allegheny Conference, a local economic development organization.  Bill was coaching groups of us just in case we ran into diplomats, news reporters, or even Barack Obama should he make a trip over to Pamela’s Restaurant for his favorite pancakes. Bill was describing how there were just three things we should tell folks about Pittsburgh—(1) how our history was rich with innovation and success, (2) how we’ve transformed our economic base from steel manufacturing to healthcare, education and energy and (3) how we are the world’s most livable city. While I loved Read More

The 2014 Word of the Year

Agility will be the 2014 Word of The Year. You’ll see it in how sportscasters describe Olympic athletes performing in Sochi next month. You’ll read about it in the Wall Street Journal when they describe how large companies are working to navigate the rapidly changing waters of the marketplace. And you’ll hear yourself telling your kids, family members and co-workers about why it is essential to be agile. Agility is important today because the world has become more ambiguous. We no longer can rely on anything being exactly like it was, even from yesterday. And with changes happening so quickly, expediency has become a hallmark of how companies are using agile processes. I also think agility is a critical component Read More