Environmental Resilience–Buses,Tadpoles and Mussels. Oh My!

Resilience comes in many forms and fashions but yesterday’s Green Building Alliance’s kick off Inspire Speakers Series speakers kicked off what looks like an amazing series of speakers who will be helping us better understand and help take back our environment. The GBA series includes a local speaker and national speaker and yesterday’s local leader was Robert Vagt, President of the Heinz Endowments. Bob spoke about The Breathe Project that is working to clean up the air in Pittsburgh. In what is today referred to as one of the world’s most livable cities, our air has gone from being the dirtiest and most disgusting air in the world (during the steel industry days) to just being pretty darn filthy  (284 Read More

Resilience Fashion

The “prepping movement” manifests the ultimate effort towards resilience. Preppers believe that there will be cataclysmic world events that will leave modern society in chaos. It will only be  through their preparation and forward thinking, that they and their families will survive. National Geographic runs a weekly TV series on their  cable channel on Preppers and their recent made for TV broadcast, American Blackout, portrayed a cyber terrorist event that took down the US energy grid for 2 weeks causing mass chaos in the US Lest you think that the Prepping Movement is for extremists, we actually  see signs of it all around us, even at some of our favorite stores. Costco offers both on-line and in-store products that are Read More

Karmic Resilience in Bean Town: Their Resilience Advantage

I have to admit I was rooting for Boston in the World Series. It may have been because the Cardinals defeated our Pirates in the ALDS or perhaps it was because my dentist, Dr Rob, is a raving Red Sox fan and I don’t want to get on his wrong side. But as I watched the celebrations the past few days, I recognized that I love a good resilience story and there wasn’t any better one yesterday than the team from BeanTown. Let me count them off…No home world series celebration since 1918, Big Poppi was batting over .700 in the series after they lost 96 games last year,  and even Neil Diamond made a comeback to sing Sweet Caroline Read More