One Amazing Trip

The flight back from Scotland was routine but the trip to Scotland was anything but routine. Sheila and I travelled with 15 other Interplayers (the improvisational art form we practice) from around the world and joined up with another 10 Scots for 2 weeks of workshops, trips to ancient islands and performances at the world’s largest arts festival, known as the Fringe Festival. We performed on the fringe of the Fringe appearing last Sunday at St. John’s Church in the heart of Edinburgh as part of the Just Festival that focuses on issues of social justice. Our performance called The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human showed to a nearly full house and was wildly received by all in attendance. We’ve Read More

Building A Good Head of Esteem

I was talking with the CEO of a small company recently who had just taken the reigns of the organization and was having some good initial success at turning this once troubled company around. As we discussed his work and professional issues, he confided in me that a big issue for him is related to his self-esteem. He often questions himself about whether he is making the right decisions and whether his decisions will actually work effectively enough to help the company. He wasn’t sure if this was common for CEOs and others and I reassured him that self-esteem issues represents an important aspect of what I address with my corporate consulting work. And it doesn’t surprise me since studies Read More

Tying It All Together

Earlier in my career, when I wore more suits and ties then I did today, I always had a lot of trouble coordinating colors and outfits.  I could never tell if the blue shirt was too blue for the gray suit or if the striped tie clashed or complimented the jacket I was wearing. It got so bad that my son Ken, who knew fashion, gave me a birthday gift one year by sewing little pieces of colored threads into my shirts, suits, sports coats, ties and slacks so that I could see merely look at the colored threads and know (with some measure of confidence) that my clothing selection would always work. This helped immediately relieve some stress and anxiety Read More

Big Data

“I treat people, not pictures”. That is what a rehabilitation physician friend of mine told me when I mentioned to him that I had the MRI of my knee that I injured while working out recently.  After I mentioned that an orthopedic surgeon wanted to perform surgery, my friend told me that surgery was not always necessary and that some non-surgical procedures were worth trying out. But first, he wanted to conduct a hands on physical exam to see what was going on in and around my knee. My conversation led me to think about how we’ve become reliant on “big data” to guide discussions with others. Managers may look at “team engagement” studies to see how well supervisors are Read More