The Rope To Nowhere

Waiting for my flight home on Friday, I was struck by the customer disparities that operate in the world of air travel. You mostly see it upon boarding and this sign pretty well sums up the story. If you form your line on the right side of the rope, you are a preferred (elite, gold, platinum, silver, high roller or insert your own moniker) traveller who gets to get on the plane sooner, put your bag away quicker and gain a few more minutes of comfort before the rest of us get to board. According to the sign, we should enter the boarding are on the left side of the rope under “General Boarding”. For many years, I held Gold Read More

Just Let It Go

I was in East Greenwich today visiting with my mentor Alan Weiss today when I checked my email to see that my flight home to Pittsburgh was delayed a couple of hours. When Alan and I finished up, I called US Airways to see about catching an earlier flight and they had a non-stop leaving earlier but making the drive back to Boston would be tight. I confirmed a later flight but jumped in my car and headed north intent on seeing if I could catch that earlier flight. Driving on up, I kept looking at my smartphone GPS map and realized that there was no way I’d make it up there. Traffic was building and I would still need Read More

The Story of My Life

I’m taking some time this week to reflect back on the first half of the year and doing some planning for the second half of the year in terms of family, business and pleasure. Its been a pretty good first half of the year although I worked ridiculously hard the first 5 months hardly taking a day off and having scheduled no vacation time for my self. I told several people to slap me if I try to do the same thing next year! Fortunately, I’ve got a couple of vacations scheduled for the summer and I’m even sitting out on the deck today doing this and some other writings. Part of my reflection is thinking about my life story. Read More

Build a Full Head of Esteem

I am not really surprised that so many leaders question their own value and contribution to their organization. Over 20 years ago, author Pauline Clance wrote about her interviews with highly successful business leaders in which they reported feeling like frauds in their work. Despite all evidence to the contrary, these leaders were sure that sooner or later, they would be discovered as fakes and their gig would be up. Self-esteem or the belief that we are competent, capable people is something that we can only give to ourselves. It cannot be bestowed by others (despite their best efforts). Everyone experiences bouts of low self esteem and for leaders it can even be a greater challenge as you are constantly Read More

The Resilience Advantage: Find Your Own Chief Resilience Officer

Resilience is a new way to think about how we use stress to become stronger and resilient in the face of adversity and I recently read how the Rockefeller Foundation is going to award $100 million to a number of cities who will appoint a Chief Resilient Officer to help their local communities to prepare for and recover from catastrophic events. The goal is to make cities more  resilient to disastrous events and to help equalize how communities respond so that all residents get the help they need. Additionally by having that focus, residents will begin to see that their own self management of disasters plays an important role in managing these crises. , For the Foundation, the idea that Read More