Get Involved

Maybe it’s not surprising to you that only a third of employees are engaged in what they are doing. They love their jobs and for many of them, they will approach it with a missionary zeal. For another 25%, work sucks, their job sucks and your organization sucks…I guess they are not engaged. And then there is the great 50% in the middle, all of whom are more or less engaged in what they are doing. Engagement is important not only in the quality and efficiency of the work being produced but even more importantly in how your team approaches customers. And as you know as a customer of the products you buy, if the person you are not interacting Read More

Bounce Forward

One of the first questions I ask when I am doing my Resilience Advantage Program is how people define “resilence”. I usually get a slew of words, one of which is almost always “bounce back”.  It makes sense. When faced with adversity, we want to get back to where we were. But what if we change the conversation and instead think about how we grow from that event so that we are moving forward after adversity so that we are bouncing forward. Just last week one of my cousins passed away. Bob is the first of my generation to pass and he fought a courageous battle against cancer before succumbing to that disease. We weren’t the closest of cousins but Read More