Creating A Mindset Of Longevity

Richard discusses the reality that family owned businesses typically are the ones that last the longest. Family challenges include:  succession, sibling rivalry, not wanting to air their dirty laundry and maintaining values. Factors include sensitivity to the environment, maintaining cohesiveness across the business, maintaining a core set of values and being conservative with their money.

A Better Way To Monitor Your Personal Energy

I’m getting ready to conduct a series of Resilience Advantage workshops for one of my clients that we’ll be conducting at several of their production plants across the country. As I’ve developed a part of the program around energy management (working title: Building Your Personal Energy Grid) I decided that I would buy myself a personal fitness monitor that I could test out prior to my workshops and then offer them to participants as a cool give away when I ask for “volunteers” I actually picked up 2 versions, the “Up” from Jambox and the “Fitbit” from Fitbit. The costs run around $125 each. While I’m testing out the Up, my wife Sheila is trying out the Fitbit The Up Read More

Using Our Knowledge To Promote The People In An Organization

Richard talks about how companies often have business recovery/resiliency plans but many organizations have not addressed resilience in regards to their staff members.

Ask Better Questions

Just this past week, I had two coaching clients who had blank stares when I greeted them. They had just received their annual performance reviews from their managers and they looked like little lost puppies. They started off by asking what I thought it meant that they received a “2 out of 5” on certain items and that their boss told them they better improve on those items since these were their areas of apparent weakness. On top of all this their boss told them to talk with me about how they could make a “professional development plan” that would highlight how they would improve on their deficits. When I asked what they thought their boss was referring to with Read More

Organizational Resiliency

Richard discusses how organizations can become or maintain resilience by stressing three important factors:  predictability, flexibility and timeliness. Richard also shares reasons why companies fail.

A Nice Trip to the Doctor’s Office

I’ve been ill the past 10 days as a carryover from my holiday vacation in Colorado. Came down with a nasty cold from grandson Ethan who is such a sweetie that I know he had no intention of infecting me or his father or his cousin Jody. Sore throat, hacking cough, fatigue, and runny nose. I’ve had to run two clothes washer loads of handkerchiefs to try to keep up with the production of mucus. Thankfully, however, I knew it was just a cold and not the dreaded flu. After all, I’d gotten a flu shot. But when I felt like I took a turn for the worse yesterday, I decided that maybe I should go see my doctor office Read More