Please Don’t Endorse Me

For the past month or two, I’ve been getting endorsement emails from LinkedIn, telling me that Mark endorsed me as a coach or that Susan endorsed me as a strategic thinker. And when I log into my LinkedIn account, I’m offered an opportunity to reciprocate.“Does Mark know about leadership” (yes it say so on his LinkedIn description) or “Does Susan know about public relations” Duh, she heads up Susan’s Public Relations. I feel somewhat obligated to reciprocate since folks are being so kind to me and since LinkedIn has made it so darn simple to be an endorser, but I’ve decided that I don’t want to cheapen my own recommendation index by throwing out random “atta boys and girls” just Read More

Being Micronice

My wife, Sheila came home from an Ending Racism Conference in Baltimore a few weeks ago at which 1500 people attended. She and her Interplay colleagues presented at several plenary sessions and it was as she said, “an amazing conference. One of the ideas she specifically mentioned was about “micro-aggressions “ which is a term that was coined by Chester Pierce in 1970 and relates to the idea that racism or sexism occurs in subtle ways in which demeaning statements, not intended to be racist are made. The web site provides a few examples: “Me: Hey, should I go to a steakhouse or to a sushi place for dinner with my family?” Friend: I think you should go to Read More