Five Ways to Be Like Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is churning up the waters off the eastern shore as I write this and all predictions indicate that she will be making her way to the Western shores of the Allegheny River tonight along with 50 mile per hour winds.While its wise to be cautious about an intense hurricane like Sandie, her story is making big waves across the country. Big waves can be scary but everyone loves to watch them and see how they change the landscape in ways that could never be predicted. And like the fear created by the big storm, making waves with our lives can be scary also. Too many of us do our best to not disturb the water but to make Read More

You’ve Got The Motivation…Now Five Ways to Make It Happen

As I lay in bed this morning, I thought about what I needed to get done today. I felt excited as I was looking forward to some writing projects, meetings with some great clients and a scheduled visit to the gym for some cardio work. But how was I going to get it all done. I had the motivation, but could I put it into practice. As part of The Resilience Advantage, I’ve seen that habits and routines are essential to the follow through I need every day. I do my best to build in a schedule of when I want to get things done, but sometimes the scheduler is not in sync with reality. I’ve found that by identifying Read More