Try a New Way To Sleep

A critical element in my Resilience Advantage Program is making certain that recovery time is built in so that our bodies and minds can fully recharge after a full day of effort. While there has been much written recently about the troubles that Americans are having with sleep, a recent article in the New York Times presented some important and different ideas to this notion essentially trashing the idea that an uninterrupted night of sleep is the gold standard for our biological recovery.Not only is the 8-hour sleep recommendation a recent historical phenomenon but also represents a cultural perspective as well. Research done by a Virginia Tech history professor showed that in recent historical times people thought of sleep as Read More

Do You Overuse?

We all have our strengths, the things we do best. For some of us it may be that we are execeptional communicators or are great with numbers, or have an innate ability to see the big picture and are able to act on it with ease and effectiveness. But sometimes, we can become so reliant on strength that we may become dependent and overuse that skill to where it becomes a weakness. Like the runner who works to set new personal distance and time records, overusing a muscle can lead to all kinds of injuries that require time off and perhaps even finding a new way to run. Consider the senior executive I was working with recently who had a Read More