Why Do These Things Happen?

Deciding that we would not do more than 4-5 hours on the road during our drive around vacation meant that we would stop off someplace between Montreal and Pittsburgh. My friend Kristy suggested Seneca Falls, home of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and the beautiful surrounding land of the upper New York State’s Finger Lake Region. This has to be one of the smallest national parks taking up about ½ of a square block on the western end of downtown Seneca Falls (which by the way is reputed to be the town that Frank Capra used as his model for “It’s a Wonderful Life”). The Park is composed of an exhibition building which houses information about the two day Read More

“Bonjour, Hello”

We were enjoying our holiday trip to Montreal but it was not without it hitches. Upon crossing the border we stopped off at an unstaffed “Welcome Centre” only to find that all the announcements were in French. Now suspecting that most people stopping off at the Centre would probably be visitors who might not be native Quebecians would lead one to think that publications would appeal to the language of visitors, but c’est la vie. However it was great to see that everywhere we went after my perfunctory, “bonjour” and “parlez-vous anglais”, we were able to engage in easily understood english so much so that I wanted to try out some of my college French only to be told that Read More

Fine Dining

Just because we’re on vacation does not mean I should not be blogging. After all, bloggers have to report their whole life and not just a part of it. As we were driving to NYC and beyond for a mini family reunion (just one side of the family and most of my favorite cousins) we were approaching the New Jersey border and realized it was time for dinner. As is the case we pack a box lunch and enjoyed our sandwiches, fruit and chips (forgot the cookies) but needed to stop and enjoy a regular meal. As we prepared to exit in Tannersville, Sheila saw a sign that said Comfort Inn Tandoor Palace Restaurant Fine Dining Now any place that Read More

Simplify Your Strategy

When I was out shopping for computers in the 1990’s I took a look at Apple’s lineup. I had been an Apple fan when the first Macintosh was released so I was excited to see how the company had progressed. There were over 20 different computers arrays I could purchase and even for someone who considered himself a technophile, I was thoroughly confused. I went instead to a Dell computer that was setup for home use and got my new machine in just a few days.I recently completed Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs (which by the way I consider the most important book on leadership that I’ve read in the last 5 years) and was pleased to see that Read More