Engage Your Core

I was watching the US Golf Open this past weekend and I heard one of the runner-ups talking about why he missed a critical putt during the final round. “I just didn’t engage my core as I stood over and putted the ball”  he told his inquisitor. His comments reminded me of what my physical therapist told me a few months ago after I went to see her about some back pain I was experiencing. “Engage your core by tightening your abdominal muscles when you are doing different activities like walking, stretching and lifting weights” she told me. I guess she forgot to include my golf swing. Engaging and strengthening core or abdominal muscles is a popular activity today. Yoga Read More

Staying Sane in An Insane World: A Key Tip

I took a trip to see my brother Chuck and sister-in-law Robyn last week in DC. We met up on Friday night and after a delightful dinner at a nice restaurant that required sports coats, we headed back home and I looked forward to enjoying a couple of rounds of golf with him over the weekend. On Saturday morning when I looked for my car keys, I couldn’t find them but figured I would find them later as we headed off for the course. Later that day and on into Sunday I continued the search for the keys like I did for my lost golf balls earlier in the day—anywhere and everywhere. I was feeling my frustration level building up Read More

The Creative Juices

I’ve just returned from a weeklong workshop with about 25 of my closest friends. It seems that my wife and I often take our vacations as workshops and while we do get away to amazing international places such as Australia and Malawi, Africa along with visits to US hideaways at the ocean or Great Lakes. This year’s version took us up to wine country in Northern California to a beautiful retreat center overlooking rows upon rows of wine vineyards. Our focus however was on play and how to use play for spiritual, personal and professional development. Our leaders, Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter have been studying creativity for the past quarter century and have developed a system of play that Read More