Whitney Houston was no Imposter

When I played “I Want to Dance with Somebody”  on my CD player back in the late 80’s, I just let myself go and danced around the room singing along with Whitney as voice soared above the rhythm  and beat of the music to convey her message of love. As I watched the news reports of Whitney’s untimely death, I couldn’t help but think that it was all about the love and appreciation that she seemed to never feel that she earned or gained in her professional work. I heard the Kevin Costner commented at her funeral that one of Whitney’s enduring life concerns was the sense that she was never good enough or pretty enough and likable enough. Even Read More

Leadership: Influence with Information

I’ve been watching the Public Television show on Bill Clinton’s presidency the past two days and one of the things I’ve been most interested in is how much confidence and skill President Clinton had around influence. Almost everyone (at least the democrats) described Clinton as the consummate influencer. Put him in a room with just about anyone and he would win them over through his power or personality . I’ve been around a few national politicians and I know that they have an amazing ability to make someone feel a constituent feel like the constituent is the most important person in the world and I imagine Bill must have had this skill to the nth degree. The show described the Read More

Talent: He’s “Lintastic”

Last year, the movie MoneyBall talked about how the old traditions of baseball’s talent management system grossly misunderstood important factors that should be considered when looking for an all star baseball player. Today we know that another professional sport “stumbled upon” a potentially great player more by luck than intent. By now the entire world has heard about Jeremy Lin. An unheralded undrafted New York Knick basketball player whose resume highlighted his Harvard education more than his professional basketball prowess. While he helped his high school team win a California championship, he received no Division I scholarships and “settled” on Harvard as his number 2 choice. After an outstanding career at Harvard, he wound up signing a contract with his Read More

Leadership: What Do You Say?

I was talking with a thriving business owner today and he shared with me that he sometimes gets into a really negative place with himself. When he does he becomes very negative and “hyper critical” of himself. He gave me a description of the words he uses to describe himself and it is inappropriate for this “G” rated blog. He describes himself as being very competitive and that he thinks his self denouncing language is a way to pump himself up and that pushes him to do better. I could agree with him if he had been able to tell me about the ways that his approach worked. But the more he talked, the more it became clear that he Read More

Ahhhh, Vacation

I’m back from vacation and feeling pretty pleased with how great a holiday it was for us. I usually don’t measure the quality of my holiday time off but this time we had such a well-balanced vacation that I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back for a great week. There were three keys that made this vacation so pleasurable for us. The first is that we got to see great family and friends. We made two stops, one in Austin for the wedding of the daughter of one of our oldest friends and then onto Sarasota to see my brother and sister-in-law. The second was that we kept a full schedule of activities and rest including some new Read More