Don’t Resolve Anything

The week between Christmas and New Years is like a trip down Memory Lane and Planning Freeway. All the news outlets from Sports Center to the New York time will be showing highlights of all the cool stuff that happened this year like Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plane or Newt Gingrich promising a Republican nominee named Newt Gingrich. You may find yourself reliving your own personal 2011  as you reflect on the past year. I always like to ask myself the question of what I was doing a year ago and I was actually able to check on that by looking at my Google calendar from last year and seeing that I had some contacts I made with Read More

Influence 2

150 million people went shopping a few Fridays ago. However it happened close to half our nation got up on Black Friday (or stayed up from Thanksgiving) and hit the mall for a day of follow the crowd. Last week, I began discussing Robert Cialdini’s six approaches to persuasion or what he calls weapons of influence by covering reciprocation and commitment and consistency. This week, we’ll be exploring Cialdini’s third and fourth tools–social proof and authority. While people clearly go out and shop on Black Friday because there are great deals, there is also the desire to be a part of a community of people who are all doing something that is must be good and correct behavior. Somehow getting Read More

Build Your Influence

How do you influence others? Do you use your role and title to get things done, try to create a collaborative approach, use rational thought to build your case, build on precedent or just go with the flow? In my coaching sessions I find that issues around influence are one of the most important topics that my corporate clients want to talk about. Most are competent in their relationship building, understand and can develop a strategic outlook and are typically great at executing. But their ability to impact their organization through influence rather than authority is frequently their weakest link. Over the next couple of blogs, I’m going to discuss the six essential tools of influence as developed by the Read More