The Philosophy of Leadership

Richard explains what is important in the philosophy of leadership.

Be The Leader, Not Just A Manager

I was talking to a second level manager at an organization the other day and the challenge she was dealing with related to gaining the respect of her subordinates and having them see her as the leader of her department. When I asked her if she saw herself as a manager or a leader, she told me that she saw herself as a manager and not a leader. I asked her what the difference was and she kind of chuckled and told me that as a manager, she doesn’t feel as if she has to take on as much responsibility as she would if she were the leader! I followed up with a question about how the organization viewed her Read More

New Learning Strategies for Your Kids

I was having a sidebar conversation with a coaching client last week and he was lamenting his 7 th grade daughter’s home work assignments. Its seems like her teacher has given her a bunch of rote memorization assignments and he feels like this is a crazy way to learn. “We learned to memorize things like the Gettysburg address or maybe our math tables, but I’d like my daughter to be gaining more critical learning skills. Why not give her an essay to write”. he told me emphatically. I was wondering later on about the state of the art for learning and homework’s role in it and voila, an article appeared in yesterday’s New York Times about “The Trouble with Homework”. Read More

Three Steps to Hardiness

I was talking with a coaching client the other day who told me that things were calm at his place of work but he was expecting them to begin blowing up after the upcoming labor day holiday and that he was “buttressing himself” for the inevitable explosion. I asked him to explain what he meant. He told me that his boss had been really great to work with the past couple of months. His boss had some vacation time, was able to knock off early to play some golf and took his kids to a bunch of baseball games during the summer. But with school starting and the fall workload picking up, he expected him to become grouchy and demanding Read More