Resilient Communities

One of the most interesting aspects of resilience is how frequently people think and describe resilience as a critical factor. Of course, I talk about resilience as a way to handle stress and pressures. Others discuss resilience in terms of crises management, metallurgy, and even how your favorite baseball team recovers from a 3 game losing streak. Kathryn Foster, a professor at SUNY Buffalo and her colleagues in the Building Resilient Regions academic consortium just released a new report identifying the most resilient communities in the country. Rochester, MN (home of the Mayo clinic) being named the most resilient community in the country with my town, Pittsburgh being ranked 35th. For a complete list you can go to here. Like Read More

What Keeps You Around?

Several months ago I was talking to a really smart Vice-President of a company. She wanted to put a career development program in place at her company. She and I discussed what that could look like, how to bring it on board in a phased manner and created the business case to demonstrate its value to the organization’s CEO. The feedback she received after her presentation was that the company did not see this as a priority and that as long as the economy was struggling, the company was not going to worry about retaining employees at this time. I told her that her boss was right…that “from 2003 to 2008, it was an employee marketplace and from 2008 to Read More

Just Do It

Nike knew they hit upon a great ad campaign when they saw their sales grow following the rollout of their “Just Do It” advertisements over 20 years ago. Faced with tough competition from Reebok and Adidas, the campaign perfectly hit the burgeoning fitness craze and emphasized the American edict of grit and determination. Sales grew and Nike became the preeminent athletic shoe company around the world. What I like about the slogan however is how it emphasizes resolve in getting things done. For many of us we know what it is we have to do…lose weight, write an article, call that customer you need to talk to, attend a lecture… but somehow we are not able to get it done. Read More

Home/Work/Life/Balance…Finding a New Way

I am doing some consulting for a small business owner who is focused on growing his business in the next few years in anticipation of selling it and moving into retirement. He is wanting to maximize the value of his company and is lining up his business model so that he could sell the business to some of his current employees or an outside company. This week he asked me if I would meet with he and his wife so that they could do some life planning for themselves and we agreed to spend an afternoon doing a little personal workshop for them, which I think will be great fun. In preparation, I decided I would interview each of them Read More

July 4th–Make More Comments and Be Heard

Most of us consider July 4th to be the half-way mark of the summer. After all, there are two big holidays down and one to go. We’ve honored our military, now our nation’s independence and next will be to honor all of us who work hard to make great things happen. There’s been lots of debate this week about the role of the constitution in our lives these days. There is an active force of people who say the constitution is a static document designed to avoid having the majority try to change things to fit their pleasures while an equally impressive group say, “no, the constitution is a living breathing document that changes as we change” While these debates Read More