The Laws of Attraction, Referrals and Tasty Lemonade

I’m attending a workshop with one of my mentors, Alan Weiss  this week in East Greenwich, RI. The workshop, entitled Shameless Self Promotion, is helping me to better serve my clients by focusing my skills and expertise so that I can more efficiently and effectively bring solid results to my work. One of the principles I derived from the first day yesterday is what I call the law of attraction. This law states that if I am true to the work I am doing and approach it with a sincerity, honesty and devotion, then the people who can benefit from my work will be attracted to it. I’ll meet people who I can help and we’ll build a solid relationship Read More

Stress Tests or Resilience Tests

Everyone is out testing resilience of systems. Nearly 30 nuclear energy producing companies are stress testing their nuclear power plants after the Fukishima disaster after the tsunami in Japan. German financial regulators are angered over the failure of the European Central Bank to adequately stress test financial institutions regarding their Tier 1 capital holdings, apparently the key metric to a bank’s financial stability. And medical science is stress testing our biological systems and (surprise?)…exercise helps men with Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. Stress testing describes the stability of a system and requires an assessment that goes beyond normal operational capacity to see the effects in a controlled setting. We don’t usually stress test in our own lives as we Read More