Tell them they’re good

I had the opportunity today to attend two very special events today. The first wasthekickoff of the Athena Award Program. The Athena award, which has been around for more than 20 years, honors a woman who has made a significant professional and community contribution, and actively helps woman advance their career. In addition to this award, Athena is also launching a program to identify a young professional woman who has early career accomplishments and serves as a role model for other young women. Over lunch, I attended an award ceremony sponsored by the Girl Scouts of Southwestern PA who also honored grown ups in several categories but also recognized two young Girl Scouts who have already made a mark in Read More

oops…I’m sorry

My newsletter today discussed about the importance of recognizing and acknowledging mistakes and how those errors can be used productively by organizations. But what happens when you screw up. How should you handle it. In an article in the CBS Interactive Business Network, author Kimberly Weisul discusses why it is so hard for CEO’s to admit they are wrong and then why it is so important to acknowledge mistakes. Of course, first and foremost is that their corporate attorneys, hoping to mitigate any damage, while improving the legal side, completely screw up how they are perceived in the market place. And while I am sure that companies may suffer financially from litigation for a quarter or two, losing the PR Read More