Preparation: A Key to The Resilience Advantage

Over and over this past weekend, we’ve heard how the Japanese are the most prepared people on the planet in terms of understanding and responding to emergencies such as this weeks earthquake and tsunami.  Of course, no amount of preparation could have prepared them for the kind of devastation they saw from their rooftops and hilltops where those who were lucky enough escaped to during the first few minutes when sirens were going off. While the loss of human life will no doubt be staggering, the reality appears to be that many lives were saved because of the preparation and rehearsals that businesses, schools and other institutions engaged in during readiness drills. In the week’s following 9/11, I had the Read More

Leadership Creativity

In a recent insert in the Sunday New York Times magazine was a report of an IBM survey  about the most important leadership qualities that will be required of CEO’s over the next five years. While over the past five years, change and change management has been the watchwords for corporations, it looks like, from this survey that complexity management will be on the radar. What is “complexity management”? Its the ability to note how trends interact with one another and how they create volatility, unpredictability and opportunity in ways that we never could have conceived before. Think about  corporations which eschewed social media a few years ago are now embracing it full bore; or how wellness programs which use Read More