Go ahead, make a mistake

Thomas Edison acknowledged that he didn’t know anything about making light bulbs and that is took him close to 3,000 experiments before he hit upon a carbonized cotton filament that would burn for more than a few minutes. As for poor results, Edison decided to take the high road and was quoted as saying “Results! Why man, I have gotten a lot of results. I know several thousand things that won’t work.” Mistakes are tough for us to take. We view them as a sign of failure. But the reality is that we rarely get things right the first time and that it is only by acknowledging and learning from our mistakes that we improve our performance and success. I recently Read More

How Reliable Are You?

During the days of land line only phones, Ma Bell has a dial tone reliability of 99.999% which meant that all but 5.26 minutes per year you could pick up your phone and be assured that you would have a dial tone. In his New York Times Technology column,Randall Stross details how reliable technology services can be by pointing out that while they all strive for five-“9s” (like Ma Bell) with the current exception of Google search (which has multiple redundancy and does achieve five-9s )most achieve four-9’s, which means reliability of all but 52 minutes/year, which is pretty good. Of course, tech companies have multiple back-ups,mirrored sites, and using other computing systems to provide discrete services such as storage Read More

Be it resolved..

How are those resolutions going so far? I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions since I think they merely help set us up to fail. After all many of them may be made on New Year’s eve and its just not fair to hold ourselves to commitments we might have made while in inebriated or with people who may actually hold us accountable for our actions. A recent study I saw compared the difference between people who had set goals for themselves and told someone else and a group of folks who set goals for themselves and did not tell anyone. Now, conventional wisdom would tell us that by telling someone that we are committed to a goal, we Read More