Innovation, 2011

Innovation is hot. Just this year… They’re mobile devices and not phones anymore. Microsoft’s Kinetic takes the Nintendo Wii to the next level with a hands free gaming device. An inventor in Japan is designing a high speed train that doesn’t have to stop to pick up or let off passenger For the leaping impaired, Concept 1 has designed a new basketball shoe that adds 4 inches to a basketball players vertical leap, even giving guys like me hope that someday I may be able to dunk a basketball Even macroeconomics is being democratized with web sites such as FRED, hosted by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank that provides over 26,000 accessible data bases worth of economic information. All Read More

Create Happiness

A couple of months our local community Foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation, sponsored a “Pittburgh Gives”. This one day event encouraged individuals to contribute to their favorite non-profit organizations which would then be matched at 20% by the Foundation. During that 24 hour period over 7400 individuals donated over $2.8 million which was distributed to over 400 organizations from the arts to education to health and family services. The Event was rightfully called a great success! A couple of days later I wrote a brief letter to the editor of our local paper thanking the various foundations that were involved in this special day of giving and acknowledging that as a result of making my small contribution, I experienced a day Read More